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Whitney Ancestors

Charles D. Whitney may have been born in Franklin, MA and probably died there. His body was interred in Union Cemetery, Franklin, MA. He was employeed as a Mill Superentand and was listed as a resident of Roxbridge, Worcester County, MA, in the census report January 21, 1920.

He married Grace Belle Welsh July 12, 1905. Grace was born August 17, 1882 the daughter of Fred Olvin Welsh and Clara I. Spalding. Grace died in Easeley, SC. Her body was interred in Union Cemetery, Franklin, MA.

Charles D. Whitney and Grace Belle Welsh had the following child:

Clara Spalding Whitney was my Grandmother. My next goal on this line is to visit Union Cemetery in Franklin MA to gather information from Charles tombstone and internment record, then to obtain a copy of his death certificate. I regret that I have very little to share on this line at this time.

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