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Mike's Laboratory

I was working in the lab late one night and suddenly to my supprize I got the urge to build a web page about what goes on here in the lab late at night. Well, lots of things go on here in the lab. There is a pile of amateur radio equipment stacked in one corner, there are two complete black and white darkrooms in another that you can can read about in my Photographic studio. Nestled snugly under some books is everything needed to make home brew beer. Most of the room is filled with computers. Old computers, new computers, borrowed computers, blue computers. My girl friend at the time (now my wife) called my first computer 'blue baby.' Blue baby is an Imsai 8080 I purchased in 1978 from the original Byte Shop in Mountain View and is sitting in a six foot rack over there somewhere. There is a token macintosh around here somewhere. Mostly, there are Intel architecture machines. About half are running Microsoft operating systems. The rest are running Linux.

You can read about many of my computers on my systems roster including my latest, Mozo a cheap little helper system I built to upgrade an tiring video editing system. MPEG encoding to make vcd's was taking too long on that old k6-233. My first SMP computer system has its own page. Visit Wimpy's page for details on my dual celeron system and see how I managed to get a gigahertz of processing power into a 500 dollar box. You can listen to my rants and raves about my experiences with the Linux operating system at my linux bench.

I wrote a short discussion on PC computer cases as a result of work done to build Wimpy. And my collected of the PC hardware performace sites that I read may be of some interest. I have started a discussion on using surplus Sun Equipment for your projects that the budget minded may fine useful.

Using microsoft outlook as an email client to a remote host over a dynamic PPP connection presented several challanges. Being able to send email as myself without opening my relay host to spammers took a little doing. I wrote a page documenting how to configure sendmail as an outlook SMTP server for those in similar need.

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