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Sendmail as an Outlook SMTP server

Sendmail can be used as a secure SMTP server for Microsoft outlook clients. Even for clients who roam (use locations other than their home location). Finding documentation on how to do this proved to be a challange, so I wrote this page documenting how I did it.

The goal of all this was so you can log into your SMTP server with your login user id and login password using Microsoft Outlook to send mail. You still need to set up a POP or IMAP server to receive mail. Fortunately linux does this automagically. The above technique allowed me to use the same login/password for IMAP fetching and SMTP sending without opening my mail server to spammers.

The last thing you may need to do is to add your alternate domains to your Cw rule. There is probably a way to do this in the .mc file but I could not find it. You may also want to have a domaindb file to map user names from one domain into local user names. This may not be necessary if user names are unique across the domains??

Last modified: 23-May-2000 by Michael Spann