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Welcome to Mikes Library.

Welcome to my library. You may wish to browse some of the reference material I have or check out my favorite authors.

Reference material

The Constitution of the United States of America makes good reading, along with the Amendments to the Constitution.

Welcome to the funny pages

For those of us too lazy to open a newspaper, you can get your dose of the funny papers online. Many of the major syndicated comics are available from their syndicated hosts. You can find Baby Blues, Hagar the Horrible, Rex Morgan MD and Blondie to name a few on the King Features site. Another large syndicate site is United Media who bring you Dilbert, Peanuts, Garfield and more.

Strips you won't find in your local news paper include:

Sluggy Frelance Button Torg the windows geek, his pistol packing rabbit named bun-bun, and Riff, a technogeek with one BFG are good for a few laughs at Sluggy Freelance.

User Friendly Button Unix geeks may prefer the User Friendly comic strip full of bearded beos and Linux geeks.

Favorite authors

I have always enjoyed a good novel. I tend to read science fiction over any other type of fiction. My favorite author is Robert Heinlein, followed by Asimov then Jordan.

Robert Heinlein

I started reading Heinlein as a youth in the early 1970's. His early juvenile fiction is considered by many to be his best work. His work from the 1940's up to the end of 1959 include such favorites as Rocket Ship Galileo, Space Cadet, Red Planet, Farmers in the Sky, Between Planets, The Rolling Stones, Starman Jones, Star Beast, Tunnel in the Sky, Time for the Stars, Citizen of the Galaxy, Have Space Suit -- Will Travel and Starship Troopers

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