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Mike's Linux lab.

I remember the days when I installed DOS on personal computers because they did not have enough processing power and other resources to run Unix. Times have changed. These days I find I am installing Linux on machines that do not have enough resources to run Windoz. Linux provides me a far better environment to play although I still use windoz for work.

My modest home network is always changing. It usually consists of a Linux machine running as the internet server (mail/news/log/dns), a windoz machine for the family, a windoz machine for me and several linux machines for play. My maximum uptime on my internet server was just on nine months using linux kernel 1.2.13 and it finally went down when the cache chips on the motherboard failed. I retired that 386/40 mother board after 3 years of faithful service as my internet server and several years of prior use as a windoz machine. It would be inuse today with its 250MB hard drive and 16MB of RAM providing mail, news and DNS service for my LAN had those chips not died. That server was updated to an AMD K5-166 about two years ago and it is still in operation today. That machine has never failed. I had to turn it off to replace the fan in the power supply and I recently upgraded the kernel to 2.0.35 along with a new hard disk.

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Last modified: 25-Feb-2000 by Michael Spann