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The PCI Utilities

What's that?

The PCI Utilities package contains a library for portable access to PCI bus configuration space and several utilities based on this library. Current version works only on Linux, but it can be easily extended to work on other systems as well.

The utilities include: (See manual pages for more details)

displays detailed information about all PCI busses and devices in the system, replacing the original /proc/pci interface.
allows to read from and write to PCI device configuration registers. For example, you can adjust the latency timers with it.

The library (and therefore all the utilities) can access PCI registers either via the /proc/bus/pci interface present since Linux 2.1.82 or via direct hardware access (to be used with older kernels and also for hardware diagnostics). It's also capable of reading and interpreting register dumps printed by `lspci -x'. Unfortunately, there is no documentation on how to use the library yet, so if you want to play with it, just ask me for whatever you want.

To compile the package, just run "make". To install it, "make install".

If you have any bug reports or suggestions, send them to the author.

You can ask questions and report bugs on the linux-pci mailing list – ask Atrey list server to subscribe. Announcements about new versions are also sent there.

Where can I get it?

You can download pciutils-2.0.tar.gz (the latest release) from our FTP server. Also available on, but usually few days after the release. Also available on a local mirror.

If you dare to try a development version, look at the Alpha directory, but keep in mind that these versions tend to be everything else than stable and bug-free.

Another interesting source of information is the PCIUtils AppIndex record at FreshMeat. It contains not only the pointer to the latest version, but also an archive of all new version announcements the author has sent to FreshMeat.

Last modification 19. 5. 1999 by Martin Mares