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Mike's Cymbidium Orchid Notes

All my orchids are Cymbidium so these notes apply to them. They may or may not apply to other types of orchids.

Cymbidium orchids do not like full direct sun. Morning sun and afternoon shade should be ideal illimination for Cymbidium orchids in temperate climates.

Split your cymbidium orchids when they start to crowd the pot. You should do all your repotting before the fourth of july.

You want 4-6 green bulbs and maybe 2-3 brown bulbs in each new pot. Excess brown bulbs can be planted in their own pot as long as they feel firm, as in a potatoe. Soggy or rotten ones should be removed. Some of them may grow. It may pay to trim the roots back when you transplant them. Definately trim off any black or diseased roots.

A shot of rosebloom fertilizer in august is reported to help make your orchids spike.

Orchid greenhouses aim for 75% bloom rate. Anything over half is decent for a home grower.

Greenhouse grown orchids around here get a half hour of overhead water once a week.

An inexpensive ebook on growing orchids and how to avoid many common mistakes can be purchased Here!

Last modified: 18-May-2005 by Michael Spann