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Bridget and Smidget

Bridget and Smidget

Bridget and Smidget are a pair of Pacific Parrolets, but we just call them 'the little green birdies.' How we came to live with Bridget and Smidget is an interesting story. We, like most people, did not even know about Pacific Parrolets when we began this adventure. It all started the day that Jacque, our grey cocatiel, decided to fly out the patio door. We tried to recover him but to no avail (fill in instruction on how to prepare for this by taking tape recordings of your bird to lure them back at some time), he was gone. We checked the local pet stores for another cocatiel but could not find any that we liked. We were, however, referred to a former employee of the pet store we frequented who had recently stopped working to prepare for her impending family. We made contact and went to visit her to find a new 'jacque'.

We arrived at her house with bird cage in hand with the intentions of coming home with a new cocatiel. It turns out that we left with two cocatiels and our two 'little green birdies' Bridget and Smidget. Bridget and Smidget are supposed to be a matched breeding pair but they don't seem to know that. They seem perfectly happy to sit in the corner and chirp at everyone, as well as attack the hand of anyone who tried to feed them. Interestingly, they only attack the hand of my wife, unless she wears a sock over her hand. Everyone else can put their hands in the cage with no trouble.

This page will follow their adventures in our hosehold as they evolve.

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