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Welcome to Mikes Photography studio.

Welcome to my photographic studio. Photography has been a hobby of mine ever since I was in high school. My black and white darkroom is currently in storage pending a larger house. Most of my pictures these days are taken with a point and shoot camera. The rest are taken with Olympus cameras, both digital and single lens reflex. You may step into my Olympus Camera room for more information on my Olympus cameras, my Bolex 8mm movie room to see my colection of Bolex double 8 movie cameras or my darkroom for some notes I have been making for when I unpack my darkroom.

A good introduction to film sizes can be found at Photo/Image News Network film page, an overview of Kodak Cameras can be found at Chris Eve's Kodak Camera Collection. A great source of information on kodak cameras is Kodak's Customer Service Pamphlet AA-13.

Medium format

For those of us interested in exploring medium format, check out Robert Monaghan's Medium Format on a Budget. Another stop might be Danny Gonzalez's Medium Format Camera Reviews.

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