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Welcome ot Mikes Olympus Camera room.

Olympus makes a fine line of cameras. I currently use an Olympus OM2 when I need more camera than my point and shoot cameras. I find this is happening less and less often as the quality of point and shoot cameras continues to improve. I also own an Olympus D500L digital camera that is useful for quick and dirty web page photos. I presently own several Zuiko lenses and am in the process of expanding my collection. I have always liked Olympus cameras for their size and weight. I learned early on that Nikons were excelent cameras, and that your neck, arms and back would hurt at the end of a day from hefting them around. Olympus cameras save your lower back from a ton of pain as long as you take a little more care with them than you might with a more rugged camera like a Nikon. Many questions on Olympus cameras are answered by the Olympus OM SLR FAQ.

I have recently started looking into Astrophotography. It seems fitting that Olympus cameras are the camera of choice of amateur astrophotographers. I am currently looking for a good condition OM-1n to add to my collection for its mirror lock-up feature.

This page will discuss my experiences with Olympus OM Zuiko lenses. I will chronocal my experiences purchasing lenses on eBay and other sources. A very good starting place for anyone uses Olympus OM system lenses, or wants to learn more about them is the Unofficial Olympus OM Zuiko Lens Page.

Buying camera lenses on eBay

I have learned several important lessons buying lenses on eBay

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