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Compact Tractor

Every young boy growing up wants a tractor and a loader. Some boys get them when they get older. This document discusses my experiences with compact diesel tractors. A compact diesel tractor is bigger and more powerful than a garden tractor which is bigger and more powerful than a riding lawn mower. This subject is nicely covered in The Small Tractor FAQ.

Compact Tractor Forums

I have found the following online forums worth reading to learn about compact tractors


A long list of links to tractor sites can be found at Lawn Mower Dealers.

Tractor Manufacturers

When talking about compact tractors, many people immediately think about the big three. Kubota, John Deere and New Holland are definately high on peoples list when they think of compact tractors. There are many other brands of compact tractors on the market and good coverage of the field exceeds the scope of this document.

Implement Manufacturers


Bradco make pallet forks, trenchers, back hoes and other products.

bush hog make a full line of products including many types of cutters, tillers, diggers, back hoes and other implements.

Camond Makes box scrapers, rear blades, drag scrapers and corral scrapers

Country Manufacturing, Inc of Fredericktown OH manufacturers inexpensive trailors and harrows for use with lawn and garden tractors.

Danuser Machine Company manufacturer post hole diggers, post drivers and wood chippers. I own one of their post hole diggers sold under the Gearmore label.

Gearmore is a distributor of tractor implements. Some are relabeled off the shelf components. Others are made to specification implements.

Glenmac makes Harley power box rakes and several other interesting implements. Be sure to check out this site if you have a beach you need to clean as their beach cleaners and rock pickers look to be a very interesting speciality product.

Howse makes a full line of lower cost implements.

Land Pride makes a full line of implements.

Someone on tractorbynet said "Almost all of the Kubotas larger box scrapers are manufactured by Gannon which is owned by Woods". My tractor came with a Gammon blade. Woods can be found online at Woods make a full line of tractor implements


Eastern Farm Machinery has lots of stuff at what seem steep prices

Grass Masters sell some interesting products including an 'WorkStation' combination compressor / generator / washer.

Messick's sells new and used products and has some useful links.


You can find tires for some older compact tractors on ebay or at Premier Tire. Goodyear still makes a 6-12 power torque lug tire. Firestone makes both a 6-12 All Traction Field and Road garden gractor tire and a 9.5-16 Traction Field and Road bias ag tire when I last checked. Another place that may have them is Tire


The Hay FAQ may be interesting to some

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