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Family Tree Michael Spann's genealogy room

Welcome to Michael Spann's genealogy room.

I got bit by the genealogy bug in about 1980 during a conversation with my grandmother. I have been hooked ever since. My initial interest in the hobby came from the interesting things that computers can do to assist the genealogist. My current interest is in giving my children a sense of the lives of the people who made them who they are.

I have have created pages for each of my grandparents and my wife's grandparents and will be adding additional details to each page as time permits. The only page with any serious information at this point in time is the SPANN family page.

Spann Family Davis Family
May Family Whitney Family
Tucker Family Prue Family
Hyatt Family Beaman Family
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Please email me if you have any questions about this page, if you wish to add any information to our research.

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